Chimera, by Vivek Ahuja

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Chimera, by Vivek Ahuja

Chimera, by Vivek Ahuja

Chimera, by Vivek Ahuja

Download Chimera, by Vivek Ahuja

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Chimera, by Vivek Ahuja

The year is 2014. A violent uprising has been instigated all across Tibet as Beijing moves to establish control while the Dalai Lama’s health deteriorates further and questions on the future of the Tibetan leadership are raised. As Beijing pursues the rebels and their benefactors within India, both nations are plunged into a spiraling descent to war. Now each side must navigate their widely different paths to victory as vast armies on both sides wage all-out war in their bid to become the dominant power in Asia…

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  • Published on: 2013-01-22
  • Original language: English
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  • Dimensions: 9.00″ h x 1.01″ w x 6.00″ l, 1.31 pounds
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 446 pages

About the Author
Vivek Ahuja is the author of several historical articles on the Indo-China border and is contributor to Force Magazine in India. He has written extensively about the historical underpinnings of the Sino-Indian border dispute, the Sino-Indian border war of 1962 and its impact on India and China. He is also author of technical articles on the mathematical modeling and simulations of combat systems, land-warfare and wartime logistics. He received his Doctorate from Auburn University and currently resides in Austin, Texas in the USA.

Most helpful customer reviews

17 of 20 people found the following review helpful.
Filling a much needed gap in the genre of good writing on military scenarios in S.Asia
By Rajarshi
Move over Clancy, Hawksley,Bahl. Finally there is a well researched and realistic fiction on conflict in Asia.

For fans of military fiction, this book is an eye-opener. Most books either cover wars from a geopolitical level or at an in depth level at the denomination of a platoon. Where Ahuja differentiates himself is in being able to scope in to action at grassroots level (you can only wonder at the level of research done in his description of unit level tactics and weapon systems) to creating a frame for the reader to understand the macro level context.

Definitely a worthy read for people who have an in-depth interest in S.Asia & China.

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful.
A great book
By Saravanan
I bought this book a couple of weeks back. Did not put it down until I finished it. It took me 4 days to complete the book.
For those of you who haven’t read it yet, this book is about a plausible future war scenario between Bharat and China with pakistan thrown in a bit. It has a very detailed storyline that focuses a lot on land battle between Bharat’s Army and the PLA/PLAAF. The author has an amazing knowledge of himalayan region that he uses to the hilt.
Here are the negative: firstly, there were few spelling mistakes. Secondly, the scenario loses an aspect of realism because the author did not focus on naval warfare to the extent that he dealt with the land warfare/ air warfare. Also, in some of the battles, Bharat’s side seem to have access to warfare systems like the Pinaka batteries, but for whatever reason the author doesn’t provide the same relief to the PLA/PLAAF.

But, overall I loved it. Authors from Bharat are certainly coming of age…

9 of 11 people found the following review helpful.
Excellent futuristic but grounded millitary fiction of an Indo-Chinese conflict
By Dhaval Shah
Fans of millitary fiction, tired of cold war like scenarios or small scale engagements can now rejoice. Here is a very realistic millitary scenario depicting a potential Indo-Chinese conflict and how it may actually end up. The surprise is in how it may end up and why 1962 was a flash in pan when the Indian leadership failed its people.

Imagine a brutal tank battle in Ladakh at 16,000 ft (the highest mountain on mainland US is @20,000 ft) or a battle in the passes of Bhutan or a vicious air battle where the Mig 29s and Su 30 are pitted against S-27s and J-8s. This novel covers it vividly. A cat and mouse game to punch holes in the S-300 radar defence, yes that is covered to. Use of transport aircrafts, refuellers, AWACS, cruise missiles and both tactical and strategic missiles are also covered. This is present technologies which the Asian giants currently possess. An operational supersonic cruise missile or near operational ALCM is pitted against a sophisticated radar coverage.

In this novel, the auther Vivek weaves a compelling story around the tools of war and how humans use it. The novel is fast paced and sucks you into reading further, due to a very good story built around actual data points. It has its elements of humour as well, sample this:

” … What cause do we have for mobilizing these Divisions?” the PM said.

Chakri shared a look at Yadav in silence and then sighed where he sat in silence.

“Cause? How about defending our borders? Does that sound like a good enough cause, you idiot?”

Yadav said calmly:

“Defending our borders, sir. That’s a just enough cause, isn’t it?”

Brilliant! For the followers in news about the recent happenings in India, where the pacifist PM is being pilloried for beheadings of Indian soldiers at the border, the above hits home.

It appears that this novel has been in making for a while so all the more credit to the author for his perserverance and making it thorugh his first publication. It does not appear that this is his first fiction.

What could have been better? The prologue. The novel jumps directly into the conflict and keeps our attention, however a build up on the current Tibetan occupation, the ongoing tibetan sacrfices, the Indo-Chinese conflict rooted in Mao’s foolhardiness and Kissinger’s acquiescence etc should have been added for the lay person. Further, an epilogue giving the topography of the McMohan line and some details with photos of the arms like the Brahmos supersonic cruise missile and the advanced Su 30 MKI and Su 27 could have been added.

Again for a novel that lays down the use of arms and how they fare when pitted against each other, depicting a realistic scenario for a lay person this achieves a lot. A very complex and advanced mathematical modelling over a table top war fare exercise is deftly hidden by the author here. It does steer clear of international politics and that is a good thing.

Overall, every person/journalist interested in millitary history and modern conflicts in the Indian subcontinent should read this. This novel ensures why simple juxtapositions like Pakistani missiles are tall fair and hence more advanced than short and stubby Indian missiles are dumb. Or why the mere possession in numbers of Su 27s by the Chinese will make them masters of the aerospace is a far fetched thought.

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Chimera, by Vivek Ahuja PDF

Chimera, by Vivek Ahuja PDF

Chimera, by Vivek Ahuja PDF
Chimera, by Vivek Ahuja PDF

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