4 Anti-Trend Trouser Styles French Women Come Back to Every Winter

In my opinion, fashion-wise the French do it best all year round. But, when you throw in the extra layers, additional fabric options and the variety of hem length choices that we are afforded in winter—that’s when you’ll see them do their best work. 

In pursuit of building myself my dream winter capsule wardrobe, I’ve been paying close attention to how the French manage to move through the winter season in style, and I’ve picked up a few tips on the way. Keen to broaden my trouser arsenal, here I’ve focused in on the best French-endorsed trouser styles to shop this season.

From the perfect shade of winter denim, to the “dated” trouser style that French women love, below I’ve rounded up the trousers that help to set French women’s winter style apart from the rest. Read on to see what I’ve discovered and shop the chicest French-inspired looks below.

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