Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, by Mary Bennett, David S Percy

PDF Download Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, by Mary Bennett, David S Percy

Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, by Mary Bennett, David S Percy

Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, by Mary Bennett, David S Percy

Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, by Mary Bennett, David S Percy

PDF Download Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, by Mary Bennett, David S Percy

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Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, by Mary Bennett, David S Percy

Dark Moon addresses the question that was first asked in July 1969 – did the Apollo missions really land a man on the Moon and return him alive and well to Earth, or is the record seriously flawed?

Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the full background of Project Apollo.

Artificial lighting was used in the Apollo photographs – yet none was taken to the Moon. This book demonstrates that the Apollo photographs and the 1969 TV coverage were faked.

Dark Moon highlights the key challenges of getting human beings safely to the Moon and back. Recent NASA documents reveal startling evidence that the space agency is still unable to send a manned mission to the Moon and that lunar gravity is now a major setback. It is as if Apollo never happened.

“Departure from the Moon’s surface, which wasn’t a problem during the Apollo era, is now a problem due to the perceived difficulties in getting out of the so-called deep gravity well. Furthermore, NASA admits that the agency doesn’t have sufficient understanding of radiation beyond LEO. If just one crucial link in a Moon visitation project is missing, the whole program becomes impossible.” – Phil Kouts, PhD.

Radiation: “Radiation surely must be the showstopper preventing mankind’s exploration of the Universe.” – Professor Clive Dyer, 1997.

Lack of knowledge about the biological effects of and responses to space radiation is the single most important factor limiting the prediction of radiation risk associated with human space exploration. – The Augustine Commission, 2009.

Rockets: Dark Moon demonstrates that the Saturn V launcher was underpowered and may not have been able to leave low-Earth orbit.

“New research indicates that the F-1 rocket engines could only lift off the pad a modified version of the Saturn V – just 2000 tons instead of the stated 2,800 tons.” – Gennady Ivchenkov, PhD.

“With such a start to the flight, the Apollo 11 craft had no chance of catching up with the required ascent schedule.” – N.V. Lebedev, Veteran of Baikonur Cosmodrome

Laser Reflectors: It is not necessary to have a laser retro-reflector on the Moon in order to receive a return laser signal from the Moon – this was demonstrated back in 1962.

Dark Moon details the development of human space travel, including all the trials and tribulations to date, shows how the US and the USSR cooperated on many fronts in those pioneering days and discusses the reasons why the Soviets said nothing about Apollo, despite their political differences.

Deep Space Travel: Spacecraft will require radical conceptual renewal before a human can be sent either to Mars or the Moon and returned safely to Earth. To ensure the survival of all future astronauts the authors propose a system based the generation of artificial gravity and an environment that mimics the conditions on Earth.

The authors examine the basic essentials for finding a suitable planet for adaptation and on which self-aware beings can live. They investigate aspects of the important relationship between Earth and Mars, including structures sharing an identical geometry, topography and geography on these two very different planets.

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About the Author
bennett is a professional researcher who has spent more than five years working on this book as well as a television documentary.


Most helpful customer reviews

17 of 21 people found the following review helpful.
The truth based on science
By Randle E. Walsh
One reviewer said this book has no science in it. Quite the contrary. If you actually read the book, you’ll notice it’s based on nothing but, science. I understand the sometimes vitriolic reviews of books like this. It’s upsetting to patriotic beliefs and that we in North America may not lead the way in freedom and democracy (if anyone can really show me an example of this, that would be great), science, healthcare, education and humanitarian causes.

Anyway, Mary Bennett and David S. Percy make a very strong case, based on scientific evidence, that the NASA Moon Landings were a hoax. That is not to say that the Americans didn’t go to the moon, only that if they did go, it was not with our present state of technology, which the authors themselves articulate quite well.

There are many reasons to support the Moon Landings as a hoax, but the most convincing evidence is the Van Allen Belts, named after Dr. James Van Allen who discovered the radiation belts around the Earth in 1958. To travel through the belts on the way to the moon, would take approximately 2 hours, and of course 2 hours to travel through them on the way back. The authors present plenty of evidence of the lethal dose of radiation the astronauts would recieve if they were to even attempt travelling through these radiation belts. But as I read elsewhere, it is Dr. Van Allen himself that is most convincing, and not based on his work alone. It is his condescending comments in response to questions about the Van Allen belts during the Apollo missions when he said, “Well it must be safe. We went to the moon and back.” Statements like this encourage people like myself to seek out the truth.

There are a lot of other anomalies about the Apollo missions too numerous to mention here, including the strange behaviour of the astronauts themselves, especially Neil Armstrong. He was supposed to have been the first man on the Moon. You would think that he would be out there at every opportunity trying to inspire people of all ages to get involved in science. Instead, what does Armstrong do? He goes into seclusion for almost 40 years and when he does give interviews, it is carefully scripted. In case people have forgotten, it is the average taxpayer who financed these missions, so the least Armstrong could have done, was communicate with the very people who supported him! If he was that private a man, they could easliy have given the job to someone else.

So reading this book will hopefully encourage you to at least question the Moon mission landings, or even convince you the missions were a hoax. So I recommend reading this important work as well as checking out their website.

Reseachers like Bennett and Percy are very rare, so do yourself a favour and enlighten yourselves. Yes, it is upsetting to learn that what you were taught in school was a lie. But to maintain that belief, is to live in ignorance. You owe it to yourself and others, to learn the truth. The truth is a sure path to freedom.

96 of 131 people found the following review helpful.
Provocative, as evidenced by the reviews
By Dr. French
Clearly, the topic of DARK MOON hits nerves. If true, the size and extent of the cover-up and conspiracy has dire, dire implications for us all. If it is possible to pull off a hoax so central to how we view ourselves as Americans (free, honest, adventurous, leaders, explorers, etc), then most of what we take for “reality” is simply illusion. Thus, most people would argue with every fiber of their being that DARK MOON is ludicrous, stupid, impossible, and ultimately offensive and dangerous. It becomes an emotional argument, not a rational one for most. Honestly, I can’t understand how someone of average intelligence or better can read this book and not be really bothered by it. Bothered by the tremendous amount of “things” that don’t add up. Other reviewers seem desperate to quote various pages of the book where they can provide “proof to the World” that DARK MOON is pure fabrication, psuedo-science, quackery, snake oil, bunk, and plain old lies. Really? Then they will state, unequivically, not to get the book; not to waste your time or money on it. Why then, did those same reviewers buy DARK MOON, read it and then review it, knowing full well the crazy premise of the book? Case in point: I truly don’t believe in the tooth fairy, therefore, I don’t buy books claiming existence of tooth fairies, read them, then review them on Amazon. If, in the future, a tooth fairy happens to appear on my bed looking for a tooth under my pillow, then I might explore the issue further, but not ONE SECOND before my take on reality is shattered. And that is what this book does: it shatters realities.

The biggest stumbling block for most people is the extent of the conspiracy required to hoax the Apollo missions, but the book does a good job explaining it. It rang true to me because as an alternative cancer researcher and practitioner, I am fully aware of the conspiracy existing within the “cancer industry” and modern health care in general. The programming starts with indoctrination and institutionalization disguised as “education”, so that a person sees their environment through very narrow blinders. An example illustrating this point is a comment from a reviewer below about the speed of light. How on Earth would that person know anything about the speed of light other than what they might have read in a book or paper? So what if researchers and scientists have made certain claims? It’s all theory and conjecture mixed with agendas, with no first hand experience, and very little pure science behind it. And when rare, brave scientists start to test things truly outside the box, their results often turn mainstream theories inside out. Modern physics is much more bizarre than any scientist would prefer, and their theories and even “Laws” are becoming less and less useful in order to advance our knowledge. So why couldn’t light travel at different speeds and behave in other ways given different circumstances? Why are we so quick to yell, “impossible”?

After the programming is complete, then division and segregation is necessary. No researcher works on the big picture; they work within very specialized, isolated environments, with little knowledge of other areas. Seeing a conspiracy is, therefore, nearly impossible. Also, don’t discount all the politics and ego within acedemia. Ego is essential, because no scientist wants to think of himself as a fraud or a pawn, so they will often ignore or actively suppress evidence to the contrary.

Then, there are the various financial rewards and career incentives. It takes a very rare individual to seriously rock the boat once a career is established, money and prestige are rolling in and your reputation is on the line. These pressures are much worse for those with families, for obvious reasons. Never underestimate the power of money to sway opinion and suppress the truth. In addition, everyone around you is spouting the same dogma, day after day, so the social pressure to conform becomes enormous.

Finally, if all these factors are not enough to quell dissent, and there still exists scientific people willing to come forth and expose the conspiracy, then actual threats are quite effective. First, economic based threats, then various forms of blackmail, then, ultimately, physical threats. Who wouldn’t tow the party line if they thought their family was in jeopardy? Anyone heard of the mysterious deaths of over 50 top microbiologists in the last 3 years, totally defying the statistics? This stuff happens folks.

So, how could thousands of people associated with the Apollo missions be in on the conspiracy? Well, 95 percent were unaware of it for the reasons mentioned above, and the remaining 5 percent were quelled with whatever means were necessary. Does this sound impossible? The true story of Jeff Wigand (sp?), who was a higher level scientist within the tobbaco industry is an excellent example. He was one of the precious few who had the courage and the fortitude to blow his whistle and reveal the huge conspiracy and cover-up involving nicotine addiction and cancer causing additives in cigarettes. The movie was entitled, “The Insider”.

So, DARK MOON is provocative, to say the least. The researchers for the book claim they began their investigations in order to DISPROVE a hoax conspiracy, but switched their focus once met with the overwelming evidence to the contrary. Interesting. Also, I don’t see much of an agenda here, although, clearly, NASA and other organizations with massive levels of funding have much at stake. Also, NASA has a mickey mouse section on their website trying to deflect hoax criticisms, which is compelling in and of itself.

The true strengths of DARK MOON are the discussions of radiation and the Van Allen Belts, which really are “show stoppers”. The discussion of the photos goes much more in depth than you would find on the majority of web sites. There is just much more information supporting the idea that something is amiss with the Apollo missions than the average American can fathom, and whether it is all 100 percent accurate is not really the point. An inaccurate interpretation of one photo does not tarnish the glaring anomalies in hundreds of others. Besides, for you super-patriots out there, DARK MOON does not claim that Americans did not go to the moon; rather, that the version of events that the public was given (complete with photographic and video evidence) by NASA DOESN’T ADD UP. If it makes you feel better, then imagine the USA landing on the moon in the 1950s (a la Buck Rogers) and kicking communist butt all over the solar system, but at least be skeptical of the official version which is what this book does very well.

My criticisms of the book revolve around the crop circles, the sphinx and “face on Mars” material. Interesting ideas, but poorly tied in and explained. In this sense, DARK MOON is like 2 books in one; the “first” is excellent and provocative (and thankfully the majority), the “second” is strange and confusing. Oh well, read it for yourself.

54 of 81 people found the following review helpful.
Dumb and Dumberer
By J. Bob Browne
As a student of history, I find the suggestion that the Apollo moon landings were faked, as one of the most asinine ideas that has come around in a long time. NASA programs in general, and the Apollo program in particular are unsurpassed in their documentation, and openness. Thousands of photographs were taken on the surface of the moon, thousands more in orbit and ten of thousands more were taken on the Earth documenting everything from vehicle assembly, crew training, mission control, the “average” NASA engineer, testing, simulations and countless more. This visual documentation is nothing compared to millions of pages of technical documentation related to the moon landings. Additionally, thousands of scientific papers have been written about the scientific data returned by the Apollo missions. Lastly, tens of thousands of non-government and foreign reporters, journalists and photographers covered this event and no stories have ever appeared about a hoax.
Since I am not a technical person, I approached the hypothesis of the book from a different perspective. Are their facts correct? And do their arguments make sense? Typical questions asked by historical researchers. The answer to both of these questions is “NO” In some cases, they’ve actually lied to the reader and hidden the facts from the reader.
First of all, do their arguments make sense? No, they do not. It is inconceivable that the hundreds and thousands of engineers and scientists who worked on the project could keep silent about their government creating a moon hoax. That would imply that all these people were morally bankrupt, plus the people around the world, such as Australia and Spain, who provided technical support were also morally bankrupt. I’m sorry, I just can’t believe that guilt wouldn’t cause at least one person to come forward. What about the enemies of the United States? Why would they go along with this hoax? Again, it doesn’t make sense.
Second, are their facts correct? Again, the answer is No. Here I’ll give some specific examples. On pages 319 – 321, there is a story of an Australian women named Una Ronald who stayed up late to watch the Apollo 11 moon landing and said she saw a Coke bottle roll across the lunar surface and that the next day there were letters in her local newspaper that confirmed her story. The problem with this story is that it was nighttime in the United States and daytime in Australia when the moon landings occurred. Ask any US citizen over 45 and they will probably tell you that they stayed up late to watch the moon landings. Of course this can be easily verified by numerous space websites. The second problem with this story is that it doesn’t make sense. It was estimated that a billion people watched the Apollo 11 moon landings live and only Una Roland saw a Coke bottle. This implies that somehow only Una Ronald could see a Coke bottle, during a time warp I guess, and the rest of the world is blind.
By far the most flagrant deceptions occur in the author’s discussions about photographs. They make some incorrect statements that light from the sun should produce parallel shadows. First, sunlight from the sun does not travel in parallel rays, it expands slightly. Second, as any art or photography student knows and I suspect most people know as well, objects and their shadows vanish to a point. This is known as perspective. If you didn’t see this in the NASA photographs, then you’d know it was fake.
To emphasis this flawed point, on page 22, the authors show two photographs of some scenery with several trees and their shadows in each photograph. The authors superimpose two parallel lines on each of the these photographs; however, when I draw a straight line on the shadows cast by the trees, they were not parallel, as they should be. The author’s lines are only there to deceive the reader and not allow the reader to draw their own conclusion.
Another example of the author’s deceptive ways occur on the next page, page 23. Here, there is a black and white photograph taken on the moon that shows an astronaut and the moon lander in the background and some rocks in the foreground. The authors again draw some lines to try and convince the reader that NASA is pulling off a hoax. For this case, they use a poor quality black and white photograph instead of the original color photograph. Going to a NASA site and reviewing a high resolution color scan, it is clear that the shadows indeed fall the way they should to a vanishing point and that missing shadows from several rocks and the astronaut appear.
From my perspective as a history major, these people are neither researchers, investigative reporters nor whatever they choose to call themselves, but the new snake-oil salesmen of our age.

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Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, by Mary Bennett, David S Percy PDF

Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, by Mary Bennett, David S Percy PDF

Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, by Mary Bennett, David S Percy PDF
Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, by Mary Bennett, David S Percy PDF

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