Applications of No-Limit Hold em, by Matthew Janda

Free Ebook Applications of No-Limit Hold em, by Matthew Janda

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Applications of No-Limit Hold em, by Matthew Janda

Applications of No-Limit Hold em, by Matthew Janda

Applications of No-Limit Hold em, by Matthew Janda

Free Ebook Applications of No-Limit Hold em, by Matthew Janda

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Applications of No-Limit Hold em, by Matthew Janda

One of the most daunting moments in a poker player s career occurs when he realizes his knowledge of how to play a specific hand well is incomplete without the additional understanding of how to play every other hand in his range well. This task would be impossible if a player had to actually think about every other hand in his range, but by understanding theoretical sound poker, he can quickly design balanced ranges using the proper bet-sizing while playing.

Applications of No-Limit Hold em teaches theoretical sound poker, and thus the ability to create the bet-sizings and ranges which will beat the better players. The theory in this book is not designed to be complex or abstract, but rather it s intended to be applied immediately producing better overall results.

Many confusing concepts such as overbetting, balancing multiple bet-sizing ranges, donk betting, and check-raising as the preflop raiser are crucial to a player s strategy despite few players implementing them or talking about them. And after reading this book, you should be able to not only conceptually understand these ideas, but also know how to begin incorporating them into your game, and thereby successfully compete against tough opponents.

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  • Published on: 2013-05-20
  • Original language: English
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  • 494 pages

About the Author
Matthew Janda has had an interest in card games his entire life, and began playing poker with friends in high school before playing online cash games in college. While originally studying business economics at UCLA, a game theory course sparked his interest in poker theory and optimal play.

Currently, Matthew continues to make poker training videos for CardRunners and all of his videos are theory based and designed to teach players the math necessary for improving their play without going into unnecessary or impractical details. He s never been one to discuss what line is best with a specific hand, but rather uses computer programs to display what action he thinks is best with each hand in his entire range.

Matthew is applying for medical school in 2013 and hopes to be a physician one day. He s currently finishing up his required science classes and volunteering, but poker remains his favorite hobby.

Most helpful customer reviews

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The REAL Poker Blueprint
By Ben
For anyone who gave this review less than 4 stars, they either did not fully obtain and consume what they were reading, by just normally reading through it, or they didn’t apply the material to their game through homework. This book is understandable on a read through, but you will not learn the information. The underlying groundwork, the frame for poker is mathematics. In its first quarter, this book takes you from the ground up in laymen terms with examples, on how to build a range for every position, and lets you understand why your’e doing so to avoid playing exploitative. You will need to read slowly, and take each page as you would a text book, slowly building your notes that you take from this book and applying them to your game, either through computer programs or memorization. Equilab from is free and allows you to save custom built ranges. I would highly suggest using this in combination of note taking along with slow reading, and re-reading if necessary, to allow the information to sink in and concrete itself. The second half explains betting theory and again keeping from betting exploitative. This book is homework, bottom line. It’s invaluable at understanding the game from the pros eyes in its rudimentary framework, and playing optimal theory poker.

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Up your win rate with this
By LVPoker
This book is mostly written for advanced players who are already very good at No-Limit Holdem. If you are either fairly new to the game and/or you are a losing player across the course of many sittings I would suggest instead you check out some of the Ed Miller books.

This book covers lots of important and useful concepts for how to structure your play in an optimal fashion against tough/experienced opponents both before the flop and post flop. I’m confident that it will help me be very successful at higher limits ($5-$10 and above) in the very near future.

P.S. I live in Las Vegas and play 5 days/week in casino poker rooms. I consistently win at $2/$5 NLHE.

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful.
Excellent book. Proof that the game is definitely evolving.
By Jason Wortham
I’ve read over 20 books on poker over the years. I’ve been quite impressed with the quality of poker books recently, compared to several years ago.

This book would be in my top two favorite and most useful poker books, with the other one being Will Tipton’s “Expert Heads Up No-Limit Holdem”.

His discussion on how to reason balancing has been vital to me. Also, I’ve found a major leak in my game when playing out-of-position. I’m generally a very aggressive player and almost always prefer betting out monster hands instead of trapping, since it grows the pot. I think a common rookie mistake is to get too sneaky-trappy, resulting in smaller pots than monster hands deserve. In general, my choice of aggression vs. trappy has worked out to my advantage.

But he makes some very compelling arguments where trapping is clearly superior. My major leak is that my aggressive “play big hands big” results in my checks universally being weak. The out-of-position disadvantage clearly needs to be balanced by properly trapping in the right spots.

Also, he turns the calling decision of pot-odds on its head. He concludes that you should defend (i.e. call) 60% of bets on the flop (when heads-up). This should surprise most players, I think, since generally we only call if we hit, and fold if we miss. You only hit 33%, so how to call the other 27% successfully, especially dry flops? Well, it only works if your opponent is “properly aggressive”, like GTO. Against straightforward players, 60% is clearly a loser. But if you fold more than 60%, then opponent’s “bluff 3/4 pot always” strategy simply has +EV against you. So pot-odds thinking must be compared to “don’t give bluff-always any +EV”.

Starting with the triple-barrel value play (balanced with some triple barrel bluffs) as a backbone of his analysis, you can understand the game much deeper. This triple-barrel play is really central to deep-stack poker. Once you’ve worked this out, you can reason how to shallow your strategy as stacks get shorter (like 30 Big-Blind tourneys).

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Applications of No-Limit Hold em, by Matthew Janda PDF

Applications of No-Limit Hold em, by Matthew Janda PDF

Applications of No-Limit Hold em, by Matthew Janda PDF
Applications of No-Limit Hold em, by Matthew Janda PDF

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