Lights, Camera, Sex!, by Christy Canyon

Ebook Download Lights, Camera, Sex!, by Christy Canyon

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Lights, Camera, Sex!, by Christy Canyon

Lights, Camera, Sex!, by Christy Canyon

Lights, Camera, Sex!, by Christy Canyon

Ebook Download Lights, Camera, Sex!, by Christy Canyon

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Lights, Camera, Sex!, by Christy Canyon

Christy Canyon’s flamboyant debut into the world of adult video in 1984 rocked the porn industry like never before. Selling millions of copies, her videos quickly established her as the world’s leading porn star. Take a ride on the wild side with her in this new, explosive tell all autobiography. Loaded with juicy behind the scenes details, Canyon describes her adventures and misadventures with other porn stars such as Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, Ron Jeremy and Peter North, just to name a few. She also blows the lid off of her encounters with mainstream celebrities.

Go behind the scenes in this explosive autobiography!!

  • Sales Rank: #487454 in Books
  • Published on: 2003-03
  • Number of items: 1
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 314 pages

About the Author
Christy Canyon was born and raised in Southern California and is currently working on her second autobiography. Her dancing adventures (and there are pleanty of them) will be in her sequel due out next year. Go behind the scenes and backstage into strip clubs around the globe.

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The book is heavily misrepresenting itself in several ways. For example only about 20% of the book has anything to do with the adult industry. By far the majority deals with the author’s messed up personal relationships. Another example is that many of the facts are misrepresented either for effect or just to make a better story leading you into getting a distorted view. An example of this would be in the dialogue where the author would say that her mamma would say, “Christy, you get in here right now.” Well her name is Melissa Kaye Bardizbanian so it is not very likely that her mother would be calling her Christy unless you believe her parents were clairvoyant and would know that was going to be her stage name in about 15 years. There are many other examples. Her time frames on things are also all out of synch with reality. As far as Melissa’s writing ability, she has very big fluffy breasts on a thin frame which is quite attractive, but words are definitely not her thing. Overall, she is not a very nice person as can be seen by the fact that she goes on and on and on about how people hurt her or let her down over and over again. Well a non-narcissistic person would eventually ponder, “Maybe my behavior is contributing to the way people are treating me”. Not this author. It is always other people’s fault. It really gets tiring to read her lists of grievances. Finally, she doesn’t blow the lid off any celebrities that you every heard about, and since there is so much else about the book that is either totally inaccurate or is playing to the grandstands, you have to have your doubts about these revelations. It got two stars, instead of one because there was a little bit about the porn industry that I know was accurate.

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A Satisfying Look at Pornography
By Paul
Christy Canyon has written a very interesting book about her career in pornography. The words feel like the truth. You won’t be seduced into believing this is a great career move and you won’t be fooled into thinking that Ms. Canyon is the woman you want to take home to meet the folks. She is neither a victim nor a proponent.

I have read other insider books (e.g. Jerry Butler) and outsider books (e.g. Luke Ford) and sexpert books (e.g. Susie Bright, Carol Queen) and saw Boogie Nights but this book was the most satisfying in terms of my curiousity of what it is like to work in XXX. I recommend this book for those who are similarly curious. Those looking for a simple turn on will be disappointed.

Some have criticized this book for an excess of typos. One that I spotted was “striper” instead of “stripper”. Well, a spell-checker program would miss that one also. But I have read technical books with more typos than this one. More distracting was the sloppy page layout. I suspect the phrase “orphan management” refers only to the musical Annie as far as this book’s producer is concerned. The book would also be better with some pictures – even simple black and white photographs showing Christy Canyon in a pose not intended for a video cassette box.

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Fantastic book by and about a fascinating lady
By wjgsvg
Whether friend, fan or curious stranger, read this! “Lights, Camera, Sex!” is a must for any fan of the legendary Christy Canyon, considered by those who know and care as one of the greatest adult stars of the twentieth century, if not the greatest. But it’s more. It is an always interesting story of the adult video industry by a lady who not only survived but thrived. She intersperses industry behind the scenes stories with insights to the life and times of an intelligent and witty “valley girl” and the people and experiences that shaped her.

This book may be disappointing to those who like their adult stars stereotypically stupid sluts. But like other successful and enduring performers, Christy does not fit that clich├ęd pigeonhole. Ms. Canyon self-published this autobiography. If a mainline publishing house distributed her work and marketed it as a roman a clef by an exciting new author, people who never heard of Christy would have made this the best seller it deserves to be. Canyon refused to compromise, refused censorship, and succeeded her way.

The author, encouraged by her creative writing instructor, has written a lively narrative that will make you laugh and make you cry, while providing introspective on a remarkable life in an entertaining business. Her attention to detail, descriptive prose, prodigious memory, and well-researched vignettes coupled with fascinating flashbacks of the author’s formative years make this much more compelling than just another star’s life. It follows the author’s brief but productive early career, her surprise departure from the adult business, and her first comeback. The author promises a follow-up about her life on the road dancing, but this deserves more than just one sequel. We look forward not only to her continuing story, but some advice books, some comedy, some romance novels and perhaps a screenplay. Turn on the reading lights, put down the camera, and focus on “Lights, Camera, Sex!”

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Lights, Camera, Sex!, by Christy Canyon PDF

Lights, Camera, Sex!, by Christy Canyon PDF

Lights, Camera, Sex!, by Christy Canyon PDF
Lights, Camera, Sex!, by Christy Canyon PDF

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