What a Plant Knows, by Daniel Chamovitz

Download Ebook What a Plant Knows, by Daniel Chamovitz

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What a Plant Knows, by Daniel Chamovitz

What a Plant Knows, by Daniel Chamovitz

What a Plant Knows, by Daniel Chamovitz

Download Ebook What a Plant Knows, by Daniel Chamovitz

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What a Plant Knows, by Daniel Chamovitz

Plants can hear―and taste things, too!

Thoroughly updated from root to leaf, this revised edition of the groundbreaking What a Plant Knows includes new revelations for lovers of all that is vegetal and verdant. The renowned biologist Daniel Chamovitz builds on the original edition to present an intriguing look at how plants themselves experience the world―from the colors they see to the schedules they keep, and now, what they do in fact hear and how they are able to taste. A rare inside look at what life is really like for the grass we walk on, the flowers we sniff, and the trees we climb, What a Plant Knows offers a greater understanding of their place in nature.

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  • Published on: 2013-03-07
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A Joy to Read
By C. Brosius
Whether you’re a scientist, or just curious about how plants do some of the amazing things they do, this book has more than enough to keep you entertained. The book is organized in chapters that represent the different senses: Smell, Taste, Hear, Feel, Memory… However, instead of just harping on about how plants are able to do some of the things we associate with sight, for example, Chamovitz instead breaks down how we perceive sight and then how some of the same proteins that allow us to perceive photons are also present in plants, and how this would allow the plant to interact (grow towards the light) with its environment. This book is NOT a quackery that tries to anthropomorphize plants. It instead breaks down plants, and animals as well, into key molecular functions that make it a living being. That’s not to say that there isn’t beauty within each chapter. The fact that we’re surrounded by stationary organisms that can detect chemicals that tell them to ripen (smelling), that grow towards the light (sight), that fold up when touched (touch), and can remember previous stresses (sometimes even in the next generation), is not only remarkable, it is beautiful. Chamovitz uses science to communicate beauty, bringing life to a remarkable kingdom most of us barely take time to notice, and fascination to all the readers.

This is a short, simple read, filled with wonderful molecular biology, plant anatomy and physiology, and scientific history. The book is appropriate for all ages: inspiring scientific curiosity in younger readers, as well as awakening dormant fascination and query in some of the older readers.

I’m a graduate student in Genetics working with plants and I loved this book.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful.
Darwin’s Garden!
By LastRanger
Plants are profoundly different from animals but both share many of the same problems; they both have to survive in a somewhat hostile world, they both have to take in nourishment, expel waste and try to keep from being eaten. This fascinating little book explores the inner life of plants and how they address the Darwinian forces that surround them. The sun provides life giving light for the plant and the plant, for its part, must find ways of capturing that light for use; it grows toward the light, it manufactures food from the light through photosynthesis, add to that the plant must recognize the changing of the seasons and the cycle of night and day. But does the plant actually “see” the light? Does it “feel” the touch of an insect on its leaves? Does it “smell” any of the aromas that surround it? These issues and many others are addressed by Chamovitz in a way that’s accessible to the general reader. I found the writing interesting, charming and at times a little technical, but not so technical that it becomes a problem for the reader. The author also delves into the history of Botany and our changing view of the plant life all around us. If you’ve ever wondered how a plant “knows” the difference between up and down, when its time flower or to shed its leaves then you might enjoy this book as much as I did. Give it a try!
I had no technical problems with this Kindle edition.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.
An excellent scientific study of Plant Senses.
By cabraxas
PhD Daniel Chamovitz’s book is a very inspiring introduction to modern plant physiology and phenomenology. The title can easily be misinterpreted as a kind of New Age speculation about plants senses, which it isn’t. The author shows both the similarities and differences between human- and plant senses of the world and the result is quite astonishing! Can plants see, feel, remember and smell? If so, how is this possible, and what kind of ‘world’ do they perceive? These questions are not new. Charles Darwin and his son were two prominent scientists in the nineteenth century asking these same questions and they became pioneers in this kind of plant phenomenology studies.
I can highly recommend this brilliant scientific field guide to the plant senses. (Carl Christian Glosemeyer Andersen, PhD in philosophy and the history of ideas, Norway)

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What a Plant Knows, by Daniel Chamovitz PDF

What a Plant Knows, by Daniel Chamovitz PDF

What a Plant Knows, by Daniel Chamovitz PDF
What a Plant Knows, by Daniel Chamovitz PDF

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