BC.GAME Announces the Partnership with Leicester City and New $BC Token!

The leading iGaming platform BC.GAME has secured a significant partnership with English Premier League Club Leicester City Football Club, becoming the club’s “Official Principal Partner” in a multi-year deal.

Moreover, in alignment with this partnership, the iGaming project also launched a new token, the $BC, which is set to elevate users’ iGaming experience.

Strategic Partnership with Leicester City Football Club

BC.GAME‘s partnership with Leicester City Football Club, valid from August 2024 to May 2026, will amplify its global reach and bring new key players within its iGaming ecosystem.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both parties. Starting with the 2024/25 season, the Leicester City football team will wear newly rebranded jerseys with BC. GAME’s branding on the shirt fronts.

Leicester City Football Club is a force within the English Premier League. Also, its success over the years has earned it a strong reputation and a passionate fanbase, which has led to international recognition.

Leicester City rose with their Premier League triumph in 2016 and further cemented their legacy by adding the FA Cup to their trophy cabinet in 2021. With a rich history and a dedicated following, Leicester City continues to be a captivating club both on and off the pitch.

Elevating the iGaming Experience with $BC

It is known that BC.GAME strengthens its commitment to player experience, and as such, it is launching $BC, a native cryptocurrency designed to enhance user engagement.

Developed in response to extensive community feedback, $BC offers a more integrated and rewarding platform. In contrast, the token serves as the ecosystem’s core, facilitating transactions for in-game purchases, access to exclusive features, and more.

Moreover, BC.GAME has implemented a comprehensive plan to fuel $ BC’s growth, encompassing community airdrops, liquidity mining initiatives, and strategic marketing campaigns.

These efforts are supported by a robust tokenomics framework, aiming to create a thriving market and deliver consistent user value. Early adopters and active participants will be rewarded through community airdrops, while liquidity mining ensures that $BC remains a stable and valuable asset.

Beyond Gaming: Fostering Community and Innovation

The introduction of $BC signifies a significant step forward for BC.GAME, enhancing gameplay and offering a strong sense of community among players.

Notably, as BC.GAME has been a prominent supporter of the Bitcoin Lightning Network since 2019, showcasing its dedication to advancing the crypto space. This commitment is further reflected in the innovative transformation of the “B” in their logo to “₿” on the jerseys.

Additionally, BC. GAME’s node ranks 16th on 1ml.com, highlighting its leading role within the crypto community.


BC.GAME is a leading iGaming platform that provides a superior user experience through a vast library of enticing casino games, an integrated sportsbook, and a thriving community.

BC.GAME continuously innovates and prioritizes player engagement, fostering a dynamic and rewarding environment.

It is committed to pushing the boundaries of the crypto gaming industry, as evidenced by its early adoption of the Bitcoin Lightning Network and its native cryptocurrency, $BC.

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