Chevy Silverado Chase Comes To Shocking End

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Chevy Silverado Chase Comes To Shocking EndChevy Silverado Chase Comes To Shocking End

Chevy Silverado Chase Comes To Shocking End

As Madison County deputies struggle to stop a fleeing Chevy Silverado, the decision is made to call in the big guns. Those are, of course, Arkansas State Police. Two troopers in the area line up on the shoulder of the two-lane rural highway in the beginning of this pulse-pounding dashcam video, ready to pounce once the suspect speeds by.

Drug dealer in a BMW can’t handle running from the cops.

Our camera car assumes primary in the pursuit and quickly catches up with the suspect’s truck. Considering it’s an older Silverado and there’s a huge toolbox in the bed, it’s understandable why the trooper gains on him like a cheetah.

The big question, though, is why deputies struggled to stop this guy? Was it that they have more stringent pursuit policies or slower cruisers?

Even though the trooper quickly gets into position to do a PIT maneuver, this suspect won’t make things easy. He starts shaking the truck’s rear like an exotic dancer, making getting a lock on him to PIT unadvisable. As the trooper backs off, the Silverado cuts right in front of his cruiser.

As the trooper sets up to get even with the truck’s rear quarter panel again, the suspect sees the play and starts cutting back and forth on the now four-lane road, again making the maneuver risky if not impossible to pull off.

Not too long after that, the suspect flips the tables on the troopers and deputies, slamming on his brakes and making a sudden U-turn. While he gets behind the one trooper, the secondary is on him like white on rice almost instantly, so the suspect goes back to cutting hard left and right.

Realizing he needs to get off the highway as more cops line the side street intersections, he makes a sudden left. The truck can’t stick the tight turn, so it veers off to the right shoulder on the secondary road, hits a bump, goes airborne, and slams into a utility pole as sparks shoot out.

It’s a shocking end to a gripping chase, but once again ASP gets its man.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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