Closed-Loop Autonomous Growing Coming to Greenhouse Lettuce

Stichting Wageningen Research, Wageningen Plant Research (WPR), and IUNU have entered into an agreement to work on closed-loop autonomous growing for the most common commercially grown lettuce varietals.

This is the world’s first closed-loop, comprehensive autonomous growing solution developed for the greenhouse industry. Other solutions focus on smoothing climate and are typically based on small sampling datasets. The solution developed by IUNU uses computer vision to comprehensively monitor crop growth for every plant in the greenhouse and autonomously executes crop strategies based on how crops are performing.

“WPR has long served as a leader in the horticulture industry, and we are thrilled to work together to bring truly autonomous growing to the greenhouse industry. Having exclusive access to world-class research facilities and talent accelerates our ability to bring products to market and to drive value for growers around the world,” says Allison Kopf, Chief Growth Officer at IUNU.

IUNU has installed its computer vision system at WPR facilities in Bleiswijk in both traditional and semi-closed greenhouse compartments with both Moving Gully Systems (MGS) as well as Deep Water Culture (DWC) pond systems.

IUNU intends to bring this solution first to commercial lettuce growers, then to high wire crops. To learn more about autonomous growing, visit IUNU’s website at

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