Dakota Johnson Just Wore Spring's Classiest Trouser-and-Shoe Pairing

I can’t help but hold a bit of a soft spot for Dakota Johnson. Between her fondness for a good 10 hours of sleep (hard relate), and a wardrobe rotation that comprises some of the items at the top of my wish list (hard wish-I-could relate), she’s the sort of rare celebrity that feels down-to-earth and aspirational all at once, which is likely a big part of her appeal.

Whilst her relaxed energy and effortless appearance could convince me to try even the most obscure of fashion purchases, Johnson uses her stylish strengths for good over evil, consistently debuting new-season trends in ways that feel fresh but also very classic, too. Take her latest look, which feels very 2024 but also completely timeless all at once.

Taking two core spring/summer 2024 pieces—the pinstripe trouser and some pointed-toe shoes—and wearing them together, Johnson might not know it yet, but she’s just found what I think will be the shoe-and-trouser combination of the season.

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They might have deep roots in the ’80s and ’90s but pinstripe trousers are finding their footing in modern-day styling thanks to their weave polish into any outfit. While Johnson opted for a sleek leg-skimming cut, we’re seeing pinstripes permeate any and all trouser silhouettes this season—all you need to do is choose your favourite.

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