I Bought This One Anti-Trend Item to Fit In With Cool Italian and Spanish Women

While spending more than five weeks in Europe this summer, I haven’t been able to get something out of my head. On the streets of Madrid, Rome, Palma, and London, I’ve seen chic European women wearing the same exact outfit to beat the heat. Of course, I’m talking about the timeless white summer dress. Summer maxi dresses have been the elegant, go-to easy outfit formula for years, but shockingly, I realized I didn’t have a single one by the time I unpacked my suitcase. Thankfully, overseas Zara came in clutch.

After strolling through some of Europe’s most stylish cities and spotting white summer dresses everywhere, I decided to buy my own: a simple yet pretty white flowy maxi dress with a lace trim. Since I’m itching to buy several more during my Euro summer travels, I decided to round up all of my favorites for you to see (and shop!) below.

Catch a glimpse of the one anti-trend summer necessity European women reach for when the temperatures reach the high 80s. Trust me, you’ll want to add your own to your closet after seeing these jaw-dropping picks.

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