I've Worked at Who What Wear for Ten Years—I Know These Luxury Buys Are Worth It

As someone is going on their tenth—yes, tenth—year working at Who What Wear and treated their own wardrobe like a job prior to that, I like to think I have a bit of experience when it comes to shopping. And, while a large part of my role here has been to decode trends and make them accessible for our readers, my personal goal has always been to invest in forever pieces, first. Of course, the fun and trendy finds have a place too, but whenever I’m deciding where to allocate my shopping budget for say an event, vacation, or season, the bulk of it is always reserved for items I’m hoping will stick with me well beyond my immediate needs. 

With that, today I thought I’d round up some of my favorite luxury buys for the upcoming season that I feel would fit into the category of fashion “investments.” From bags and belts to jackets, pants, and shoes, these are the fall-ready clothes and accessories I would choose if I was on the hunt for something to last me several or more years. Ready to see what made the cut? Simply keep scrolling. 

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