Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford Agree These Jeans Are Best With Ballet Flats

When it comes to style inspiration via celebrities, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with supermodels. The supermodels I’m referring to in this case are Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss, two of the most eternally chic women on the planet. Coincidentally, both women stepped out in similar looks from opposite sides of the pond this week, and they answered an important style question you may have: What are the best jeans to wear with ballet flats?

According to both Crawford and Moss, the answer is cropped straight-leg jeans. Crawford wore her pointed-toe ballet flats with cropped white jeans and a lightweight button-down blouse while Moss wore her traditional black ballet flats with cuffed jeans, and a leather jacket. It makes perfect sense that they’d opt for cropped jeans, as ballet flats have very thin soles and long, baggy jeans tend to swallow them up. You’d be wise to follow the OG supermodels’ lead. Scroll to do so by shopping cropped jeans and wallet flats that I highly recommend.

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