Mitchell’s Nursery in North Carolina Hosting Poinsettia Showcase

Mitchells Nursery Poinsettias 2021Starting on Sunday, Nov. 26, Mitchell’s Nursery in North Carolina will open its doors to a breathtaking poinsettia display that will culminate on Sunday, Dec. 3.

The display will be open to the public, including growers and consumers, during these hours:

  • Sunday 11/26: 12pm- 3pm
  • Monday 11/27-Friday 12/1: 8am- 5pm
  • Saturday 12/2: 8am- 4pm
  • Sunday, 12/3: 12pm- 3pm

Mitchell’s Nursery, renowned for its commitment to innovation, will present a collection of more than 80 varieties of poinsettias, totaling a staggering 12,000 plants. Among these, you’ll find exclusive, unnamed varieties that are so cutting-edge they are yet to receive their official names.

Mitchell’s is one of the select few nurseries that engages in the cultivation of test trials for new poinsettias, contributing to the ongoing evolution of this beloved holiday plant. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to not only admire the beauty of these creations, but also participate in the process of voting for their favorites.

For more information, contact Mitchell’s Nursery at 336-983-4107 or [email protected].

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