Pizza Hut helps you both dump and fatten up your soon-to-be-ex this February with 'goodbye pie'

While stores are filled with candy hearts and every other television commercial seems to be about romance, Pizza Hut is taking an alternative approach to Valentine’s Day.

The chain has launched a new campaign called “Goodbye Pies” that will let people send a pizza to the address of an ex- (or soon-to-be ex-) that ends the relationship, but soothes that sting with a free Hot Honey pizza.

It’s a chance to both break and clog someone’s heart!

Here’s the catch—the offer is only currently available in New York City, Chicago and Miami. Those of you looking to dump someone in other cities are going to have to use an alternate method. Pizza Hut says it will write a breakup text for customers in other towns, sending that along with a link to a gift card for a free pizza. (Only a certain number of codes are available per day.)

While Valentine’s Day is usually thought of as a day filled with chocolate and flowers (though there are … odder gifts that make the rounds as well), Pizza Hut maintains it’s also a time of breakups, especially in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. There’s even a phenomenon called “Red Tuesday,” which is when the most breakups occur each year.

People who break up via pizza will be able to send along a personalized, simple message on custom printing that’s attached to the box. Those boxes can also be personalized with the dumpee’s name.

The promotion, which ideally will make getting dumped before Valentine’s Day a little easier to swallow, will run through Feb. 14.

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