The '90s Trouser Trend French Women Are Wearing Instead Of Jeans This Winter

The transition from a bright, sunny autumn to a chilly, frosty winter has begun, and we’re already noticing a tonal shift. Where lime greens, Barbie pinks and cerulean blues have dominated our warm weather wardrobes, new-in pages are seeing those classic September hues take their place: think warm terracottas, earthy reds and deep browns.

Brown has long been a quiet staple of the autumn/winter palette, but since early last year, it’s become something of a talking point. We associate this rich neutral with ’90s minimalism, a revived aesthetic that has had a huge impact on the past two years of fashion. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Tyra Banks and Mariah Carey made chocolate brown a defining shade of the ’90s, and with a love of all things nostalgic characterising recent catwalks, this particular colour has been wholly embraced by today’s trendsetters, too.

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