The Easy, Anti-Trend Summer Trouser J-Law, Sienna and Gwyneth Just Can't Quit

With access to top stylists and fresh-from-the-runway collections, it’s no surprise that actors Sienna Miller, Jennifer Lawrence and Gwyneth Paltrow have curated some of the chicest wardrobes I’ve seen. Brimming with the season’s favourite buys, these wardrobes are some of the few that I long to rummage through the most. So, when I spot a common thread appearing across all three of them, I know that we’re on to something special.

Although these women are partial to an it-accessory and a designer buy, the item that I’ve seen surfacing in all of their collections this season is an elegant and summer-ready white trouser. Light, breezy and perfect for heatwave wearing, it’s no surprise that the style set are gravitating towards this elegant trouser trend right now. Recently packed into Paltrow’s luggage for a trip abroad, the actor utilised the trouser trend to craft a laid-back ensemble that felt put-together yet perfectly relaxed.

Creating an elegant monochrome look, Paltrow styled her bright white trousers with a simple black vest top. Although the white trouser trend can instil a casual effect—especially when shopped in a light cotton or linen fabric, an elegant colour pairing can give your look a smart energy that will keep you feeling put-together and polished.

Also choosing a relaxed tank top for her white trouser outfit, Miller selected hers in a tonal beige shade, pairing her look with retro-inspired sunglasses and a brown leather leather belt.

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(Image credit: Backgrid)

Assembling an all-white outfit base, Lawrence took a more playful approach to styling, selecting a bright red cap and shoes to contrast her white two-piece. Opting for trending mesh flats and a relaxed baseball cap, Lawrence’s look was decidedly casual and perfect for weekday wearing.

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(Image credit: Backgrid)

Wearing well with all-white looks, but looking equally chic when paired with a black base or colourful accessories, the white trouser trend is a summer-time no brainer for fashion crowds.