The Fall 2023 Runway Looks That Will Define Cool Style This Season

Ready to dive into the next batch of looks that are about to define the rest of the year? While there are a number of broader trends happening, I’m pinpointing the specific looks from the fall/winter 2023 runways that I think are the ultimate source of cool style this year.

You see, we look to the runways each season to determine the overarching trends, but if you really think about it, we can trace the defining elements of each back to a handful of specific looks, whether it was an article of clothing, a novel styling trick, a color combination, or an overall mood.

If you want to know what the fashion set will be adopting, re-creating, and iterating on in no time, I suggest you start with these eight runway moments. Consider this your crash course in fall 2023 fashion. When I first saw them during fashion month last spring, they were the images that blew up group chats and social media feeds, and now that many of these pieces are hitting the market, I can state with conviction that these looks will set the tone. In a few cases, they already have. The white Prada skirts are already blowing up on Instagram, for one.

From the Miu Miu look that’s making plain hoodies high fashion to the rising halter neckline that Ferragamo is pioneering and the bold ’80s earrings that Schiaparelli is ushering in, continue on to discover the eight popular fall 2023 runway moments to know about and shop pieces to re-create them IRL.

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