The Pretty, Affordable Shirt Trend European Girls Love Is All Over the Internet

We’ve reached that time of year in which it’s too hot to wear anything but items made of very lightweight fabrics in light colors. Linen, poplin, and silk reign supreme during these sweltering days. One of the best ways to wear these fabrics in the summer is via a pretty white top, the trend every chic European girl on Instagram is posting as of late.

Breezy white tops are a summer staple, but this summer, they seem more popular than ever—especially in places like Paris, Madrid, and Copenhagen. Stylish European women are dedicated to wearing this top on both the city streets and the shores, with skirts, shorts, capri pants, and denim. Of course, American girls are also fans of summer’s prettiest top trend, which you can find en masse via brands like Reformation, Mango, and Dôen. If you’re feeling as inspired as I am to add a new pretty white top or two to your summer wardrobe, keep scrolling to shop some of my affordable favorites.

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