The Top 4 Sunglasses Trends of Summer 2024, According to an Expert

What I’m wearing: Lacoste Oval L.12.12 Trim Sunglasses in Grey ($165)

As a fashion editor for a digital publication, most days involve being hunched over my laptop writing stories. That’s why I relish the opportunity to get out of the house and actually test-drive the pieces I’m writing about. There’s no other way to really see how well something fits, feels, and works. Naturally, then, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to attend the Miami Open tennis tournament with Lacoste eyewear and try out the brand’s sunglasses for myself. I was on a mission to find out how well they’d shield against the scorching Miami sun and how easily I could incorporate them into my existing wardrobe. The verdict? I’m happy to report that the brand’s sunnies passed with flying colors. They looked cute with everything I packed—photo evidence below—and provided exceptional shade that didn’t have me squinting for a single second.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. I also wanted a true expert’s opinion on the best sunglasses to wear this summer, so I tapped an eyewear aficionado for his thoughts. Below, Marchon Eyewear’s Chief Brand Officer, Gabriele Bonapersona, outlines four key trends that are sure to be popular this sunny season.

1. ’90s Revival

Some trends go away never to be relived again, but we see ’90s fashion come back time and time again,” Bonapersona told Who What Wear. “The ’90s were an especially vibrant time for the micro style and bold accessories. Lacoste Oval L.12.12 Trim Sunglasses ($165) take inspiration from the ’90s.”

lacoste eyewear sunglasses

What I’m wearing: Lacoste Oval L.12.12 Trim Sunglasses in Grey ($165)

2. Transparency

“What started as the transparent dress trend on the runway has now shifted into eyewear. Transparency is the desire to show oneself and express oneself clearly, and transparent eyewear allows for protection without hiding. This is exemplified by Lacoste sunglass style L6023S, part of the L.12.12 Trim collection. It is also present in Lacoste optical style L2944.”

lacoste eyewear

What I’m wearing: Lacoste Oval L.12.12 Trim Sunglasses in Rose ($165)

lacoste eyewear sunglasses

What Alana is wearing: Lacoste Oval L.12.12 Trim Sunglasses in Cream ($165)