These Are the Only 7 Trends I've Actually Bought This Summer

While I’m not really someone who plans out what trends they’re going to buy at the start of each season, as I like to wait and see if a trend has legs. Nothing drives me crazier, relatively speaking, than investing in a trend only to see it disappear a few months later. I like trends that are going to stick around for a few seasons, and I’ve gotten pretty good at predicting what those are. So when you scroll through this round-up, this is why some of these summer trends aren’t brand-spanking new.

Don’t hold me to this, but I’m probably just about finished with my summer shopping for the year, but if I purchase anything else, it’ll probably be one of these seven trends, even though my wardrobe is already stocked with them. In case you’re curious and want some advise on which timeless summer trends to invest in, keep scrolling to shop along with me.

Full Skirts

Bye for now, miniskirts. This season I’m all about full midi skirts. This trend is perfect for summer as it allows for airflow and it’s shockingly comfortable. I’ve already purchased no less than five of them this year.

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Longline Vests

I started wearing longline vests during the spring of 2023 and have more than I need at this point, but they’re so flattering and versatile that I’m not stopping anytime soon.

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Pale Yellow

Pale yellow is the prettiest, freshest color trend of the season, and I plan on wearing it into the fall. I just added a buttery handbag to my wardrobe and plan on pairing it with everything.

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It actually took me awhile to embrace flip-flops again, but I’m fully on board now. I just ordered two (yes, two) pairs of jelly flip-flops and I plan on pairing them with decidedly fancier things, just as Anouk Yve did here.

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Linen Pull-On Pants

Since it’s far too hot for jeans, I’ve been shopping for linen pull-on pants this season. I’ve never worn anything so comfortable in my life.