Ethan had a wild summer that included befriending an alien named Cheese, defeating evil alien hunters, and starting the Create Space, a science learning center in his hometown of Ferrous City. Now that sixth grade is about to start, he’s excited for his favorite subject, science, especially since he’ll be with good friends Juan Carlos and Kareem. But a new girl named Fatima Adebayo joins his class and threatens Ethan’s place as smartest in the class. She loves science and inventing, and even worse, she’s a member of his group project. Ethan wants to study the communication device Cheese left behind, but that would require letting Fatima know all about his extraterrestrial interactions. Ethan must decide whether bringing Fatima into their confidence would help or hurt things. With strange events taking place in Ferrous City, he’ll have to learn to trust Fatima in order to protect their hometown and Cheese. Brooks hits the ground running with the next installment of this series that centers Black and brown kids. Ethan is determined to be great, but he struggles to accept help, and this may be a harder challenge than defeating aliens. The issues converge smoothly, providing a solid backdrop to the humor.

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