Vivek Ramaswamy's Way To Slash Federal Jobs Has People Asking… Wait, What?!?

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on Sunday unveiled how he would slim down federal bureaucracy and critics had thoughts.

Ramaswamy spelled out on X, formerly Twitter, that if he won the 2024 election he’d “instantly” fire 50% of federal bureaucrats on his first day in office.

Who would find themselves terminated? Ramaswamy proposed using the highly scientific method removing those government workers whose social security number ends in an odd number.

“That downsizes government by half. Absolutely *nothing* will break as a result,” he claimed. “It doesn’t violate civil service rules because mass layoffs are exempt.”

In a second post, Ramaswamy claimed it “avoids civil service protections” because people can’t claim “their firings were politically motivated.”

“Further firings can be executed with a chisel, but Step 1 needs to be an unrestrained chainsaw or else it just won’t happen.”

Critics were stunned by the plan from Ramaswamy, who is currently polling fourth in the GOP race with around 4%. Former President Donald Trump remains the clear front-runner on 58%.


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